The new year is upon us.  We have already had an orientation visit with our Indianapolis schools/teachers and will soon be visiting your state/region.

Mr. Aydemir is still working on the website button that will allow you to follow Concept English.  Once this is in place you will no longer get emails unless you have chosen to follow the Concept English website for updates.

NOTE:  It is has been brought to our attention that a few schools have been purchasing Newsela for $5,000 a year. This has never been requested.  It is free; not only have I attached many of the articles to our SIS units, you can go on their website and print different Lexiles for differentiation.  The only books recommended on the administrations list are:  HMH Collections, Leveled readers from Scholastic, and F & Pā€™s BAS system*.

*Ask about the video model of this implementation and discussing about the pros and cons.  Also, there will be videos of model lessons implementing HMH Collections coming soon.

Here is the orientation schedule for Concept English:

  • Hour 1
  • What makes a good lesson?
  • Brainstorm/Class Definition
  • Model Stop-N-Think
  • Pairs work to create a model lesson/poster from video/reading
  • Hour 2
  • View video of model lesson/complete the lesson plan template
  • Think-pair-share what was observed and share out
  • Review best practice materials used in the lesson
  • Connect to Concept models
  • Hours 3 and 4
  • Power Point 2017/2018 updates, changes
  • Scavenger Hunt of SIS Unit 1 each grade level
  • Unit 1 planning time
  • Work with new teachers as needed


Teachers will receive hard copies of all materials related to our curriculum approach as well as a list of relevant videos and a literacy calendar of all Concept literacy as well as National event.

Electives teachers should send their syllabus and course maps to the Director.  It will then be possible to send you novel units and other materials that have been purchased.

If you are new and/or simply want to learn more about navigating SIS, please let me know.  There are over 700 resource attachments in SIS:

Remember you can also print materials through the end of week 7 at our webpage:  http://english.conceptschools.org/curriculum-2/


We look forward to seeing and meeting each of you in the coming weeks.  Please let us know if you need anything before then.

Welcome back for 2017/2018