Concept Tests

6-8 grade pre and post writing assessment:  These will be given in the fall and the spring to measure student growth in writing.  This is Concepts’ second year focusing on improving writing because we know there is a major focus on these skills with new state testing.  Each test will focus generally on standards W.6-8.2.a-f, and RI/RL.6-8.1 (writing an essay and supporting it with evidence from a reading).  Teachers will occasionally be asked to provide high and low examples with feedback.

EOC’s:  Given 3 times a year, these tests are designed to measure growth in student learning from the beginning to the end of the year.  The level of rigor in the tests will stay the same across three tests to allow us to measure student growth as the result of teacher instruction.

English I, II, III, and IV EOC tests will have 27 multiple choice items and 3 extended response/short answers (not essays).  The test should be given over two days.  There are four readings (which may be changed to 3 in 2017/2018).  The standards are a mix of Reading for Information/Reading Literature standards/Language/Writing for the multiple choice sections and for the extended response/short answer it will usually be “describe, explain, or summarize” something from the reading.  If it asks to describe or explain, they must site evidence.  In other words, the focus is on students using information from the readings, standard RI/RL.9-12.1

Reading & Writing Workshop, Journalism/Speech, and College & Career Composition EOC tests are writing test.  These courses are for the purpose of supporting our core content English classes.

Reading & Writing Workshop EOC essays will measure the writing of an argument and/or informative or expository essay with references to the text they read first.  Again, W.9- as well as RI/RL.9-10.1 so that students are demonstrating their ability to write but also cite evidence.

Journalism/Speech EOC’s will be the creation of a news story.  This will be for EOC 1 and 2 but on two different topics.  The standard being measured is W.9-10.2.   A determination has not been made as yet for Speech and Debate.

College & Career Composition EOC essays will measure W.11-12. 1.2.3 as well as RI/RL.11-12.1 so that students will again demonstrate their ability to write but also cite evidence.


Our schools use NWEA to help our teachers and students plan instruction and strive to reach their goals based on the NWEA learning continuum.  Here are some examples of the tools they provide:

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Concept Schools takes the NWEA in the fall and spring.  Teachers can reach out to the Director to discuss incoming students as well as to help analyze their data and use these tools.  There is now a new feature that allows teachers to establish groups with the CCSS standards and Indiana standards.  Ask the Director.

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