Part 1 – As the year ends…

The end to a very strange school year is upon us.  Thank you for your service to our schools during these challenging times.  As director I have no classroom, however, I have began to tutor students in my neighborhood online there is a new perspective on the challenges of transitioning to remote, or distance, learning.  As a friend of mine says, “this year we are all first year teachers!” Oh, how I agree with her.

We want to assure you that we will try to support you as best we can as you deliver instruction online that is effective, but also reflects your teaching approach and vision.  A recent article in Edutopia discusses this very issue. 

“I  was trying to engage my students in a manner similar to what I had used under typical circumstances. But the reality was that these were not typical circumstances. This was a crisis, and attempts to stay on the same path were futile. To help me chart my path forward, I needed to revisit my teaching philosophy and apply that philosophy to the new situation.”

Part 2 – Current participation requested if you are interested…

In addition, we have set up Roundtable discussions with teachers inside, and outside, the network to  brainstorm and share ideas about what all this means as schools ponder various methods of reopening.  Our next session is Thursday, June 4 at 4pm Chicago time.  If you would like to join us, please send an email (aflaherty@conceptschools.org) and you will be added to our Zoom session.

We are working hard to plan new teacher, as well as returning teacher sessions, that reflect how we want you to use Google Suite (or other online tools) with your students such as Google classroom and slides. Our focus will be on how to select appropriate tools to deliver your kind of instruction online.

Here are two resources

Adjusting our Teaching Philosophies

Wrap up of Concept English Events….

Writing Contest

Theme: You Find Your Truth Within

3-5th Grade

1st Place

Johndral White – Noble Cleveland

Abena Boynes – HSA Columbus Elementary

 2nd Place

Jamie Butler – Noble Cleveland

Esther Igbekayi – HSA Columbus Elementary

 3rd Place

Alexander Chisholm – Noble Cleveland

Honor Hayes – HSA Denison Middle

Honorable Mention

Bria Johnson  – Noble Cleveland

Moriyike Owolabi –  HSA Columbus Elementary

6-8th Grade

No entries

9-12th grade

1st Place

Aleena Redmond – MMSA Michigan

Beverly Rose – HSA Lorain

2nd Place

Daniel Angel – HSA McKinley Park

Bruce Tugce Iyiyol  – GSA Fyler

3rd Place

Gabriel Crane – GSA Fyler

Zeynep Cetlin – HSA Lorain

Honorable Mention

Rowan Elliot – GSA Fyler

Spoken Word Competition

Theme: Lost & Found

Individual Free Form

Grace Murphy – GSA Fyler

Decker Elizabeth – Toledo

Michael Zamudio – McKinley Park

Monica Gonzalez – McKinley Park

Najah Martin – McKinley Park

Team Free Form

HSA Toledo – Aaron Rodgers, Tyrell Ragland, Antonio Bell