This year the Concept English language events have been combined under one umbrella theme. We live in extraordinary times and the act of writing can be about survival, triumph, and celebration. The truth is, for some of us, poems can literally save our lives. As the attached article from PBS suggests, poets can perform “the role of the witness in culture.” Our job as writers then is to reflect our time.

For this year’s Concept English programs we will write poems about this moment and what we are experiencing as it relates to the changes and challenges most likely due to the pandemic. The challenge is to create poems that articulate your experiences and offer advice about your resilience with the hope that we can help others to feel more connected in the socially distanced world. 

Your poem, or recited poem, should address what you are facing, how you are managing, and what you are hoping the outcome will be.

This years events follow new guidelines and protocols as well as new requirements for participation. It will be essential for school coordinators to read and familiarize themselves with all details.  For more information click on the Google Doc below.