By now many of you have begun the year, spent some time building relationships with your students and establishing strong rituals and routines. I am hoping you are ready to begin your six curriculum units for the grade level 6-12 grade Collections texts.  The curriculum maps were provided in the spring and are also posted here on the website following the Advisory Board Interviews under the Curriculum tab.

Our curriculum is aligned with the NWEA learning continuum and the College Readiness standards. We are also aware of the differences in the Indiana standards, proposed Ohio standards, as well as the proposed Missouri standards.  The movement toward more non-fiction texts, research, and reading and writing with textual evidence have not been reversed.  In fact, they are even more specific in the newer standards.

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH) Collections more than meets our current needs.  If you are new to Concept, we hope you will reach out to your administrators and teachers to help you get familiar with the materials.  You may also contact the Director of English at aflaherty@conceptschools.org.

Your administrators will provide you with the on-line access codes needed to log on:


For your reference, here are some Helpful Hints to using HMH Collections on-line:

AndysHMHHelpfulHints1and2 – Copy