This month’s update is a bit late because of school visits and simply running out of time.  Perhaps you can related.

However, as we approach the holiday break I wanted to thank you.  Thank you for inviting me in to your classrooms this year to observe and model best practice.  I have literally been reminded how much energy and preparation goes in to each and every period/day in a teacher’s life.  

I know it is not always easy to hear my suggestions and critiques of your work.  To those who have trusted me with your students, please know that I have appreciated the opportunity to be of service to you.

I respect each and every one of you for your dedication and commitment to our kids.  

Some have said great things about the visits.  If you are interested in a visit, let me know.

“I want to thank you for coming in yesterday, modeling, and talking with me. I feel like I was able to gain some positive ways to improve my behavior in the classroom. I also feel a new burst of creativity. I am grateful to be able to steer a bit away from the book and put my own spin on the material. ” Kristina

“Watching you teach showed me how to get the most out of my students. Your balance between the students and the curriculum showed me how to modify to play to my kids’ strengths.  You made the learning fun and challenging; I saw how you could get students to care even if the material was difficult. Your behavior modifications showed me how to handle some of my toughest students. You gave me the green light to own my teaching and I know this ownership will appear in future lessons. I’m grateful I had the opportunity to have you in my classroom and I suspect my students will agree with this as well.  I feel much more confident in my teaching ability and I know my students are going to get more out of the rest of the year.”  Peter

We owe so much to teachers.  Their guidance, inspiration and teachings as we begin our life journey is invaluable. They help us figure out who we are  and give us tools to find our place in the world.

Most of us are in Unit 3 and many of the ideas for last month (see below) are still relevant.  If you are an Ohio teacher and want information and ideas for integrating Webb’s Depth of Knowledge, let me know!

Finally, the video and photos of this years’ Concept Schools’ Spelling Bee will be posted on the event page by the end of next week.

Have a great holiday!


November 2017 Updates