Welcome back returning teachers and welcome new teachers to the Concept network.  We at Concept English are here to support your work and to help you build capacity. We believe in you and know that you are the reason our students will be successful.

This year changes were made in orientation.  Instead of traveling to each region and seeing ALL teachers we have focused on new teachers joining our network.  While we were able to focus on their needs some of you may not be aware or missed the many emails regarding some of the updates we have made.

Below are screen shots of the changes and the guidelines for SIS (the first unit listed under each grade level provides more detailed information on guidelines).  The Master Curriculum was uploaded into your account for the courses you were hired to teach. As always there are 6 units for each grade level 6-12.  In addition, this year, working with our Advisory Board, we have provided a model unit for grades 6-11.  This means you are seeing actual materials from the classroom.

At the request of many administrators you are to take the master and make modifications to the unit before you teach.  Then, take information from the master unit ALL resources and break it down into 2, 3, 2 week segments as Part A, B, and C.  Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the new system.

At our New Teacher Induction meetings, we also focused, again, on the importance of unpacking the standards for better understanding and targeted teaching.   Many of our schools are asking for us to visit and do more with standards.  Please reach out to us if you need help with this process.

We also discussed our instructional approached of balanced literacy and Gradual Release.

You may arrange for Webinars and school visits at any time.  Simply call or email the Director to make arrangements and register in SIS.

Department Chairs

Belmont – Heather Petrella

Cincinnati –

Cleveland High School – Daniel Horton

Cleveland Middle School –

CMSA – Abbey Walton

Columbus High School – Kyle Jordan

Columbus Middle School – Danielle Blackstone

Dayton Downtown –

Dayton High School – Victoria Holman

Denison Middle School – Tracy Jack

GSA Fyler – Sarah Newton

IMSA North –

IMSA West –

HSA Lorain – Reanna Laszlo

McKinley Park – Joseph Schmith

Milwaukee – Ashley Ellis

Minnesota –

Michigan – Tyesha Bowens

Noble Cleveland –

Noble Columbus –

HSA Southwest – Aubrey Smith

HSA Springfield – Melissa Brown

HSA Toledo – Sherrii Weitzel

HSA Youngstown – Alyson Salmen-Bable

Concept English Travel August/September/October

August 10th – CMSA

August 14th – HSA SW Chicago

August 15th am – HSA Belmont

August 15th pm – HSA McKinley Park (ACT/SAT)

August 16th – HSA McKinley Park

August 28th – Michigan

September 12th – HSA McKinley Park

September 14th – GSA Fyler St. Louis

September 18th – HSA Youngstown

September 19th – Noble Cleveland

September 20th – HSA Cleveland High School

September 26th – HSA McKinley Park

September 27th – HSA Columbus Middle School

October 10th – HAS McKinley Park

October 11th – HSA Lorain

October 12th – HSA Springfield (TBD)

October 31st – HSA McKinley Park

Please let us know if there is anything we can do to be of service.