Two of our talented teachers shared their classroom websites with us and, we found, that no matter the approach it is an excellent tool for connecting with your students.   Creating a place where students can access you, your materials, and others to engage and motivate their academic thinking, personal habits, and creativity is essential to a strong learning community.

Mr. Hunter, HSA McKinley Park:


“I use my website as a resource for students in each grade level that I teach so they can access the videos that I create as well as those I simply want them to see.  The website also is a place where students can find help with word definitions or examples to problems they may be working on.  Whether it is a video example or a worksheet, my students can find support or reach me.   It is also a good place for parents to get information for their child and to find out what is going on in my classes or our Japanese Club.  There are also links to my YouTube  channel and the Title 1 website that Ms. Moran and I work on.  We have google classroom and a calendar of upcoming events posted that are updated roughly bi-weekly.” 


Mrs. Rickless, GSA Fyler:


“Each class has their own page, as does the National Honor Society. We also have several resource pages. I use the website to make sure my students have access to class materials at all times. For example, right now, my reading and writing class is working on a Literature Circle. On their class page students will find explanations of the book choices, including reading levels; pdf copies of the texts for constant access; extra copies of students role sheets and double entry journals; as well as explanations for each of the student roles. Many students and parents have expressed to me how helpful the site has been for them. I also use it to post videos seen in class, display student examples, and give extra support to students in need. I hope you like it.”