The Speech and Debate students at GSA-Fyler, taught by Sara Newton, completed and presented TED talks on November 30. 2016. The class successfully registered to become a TED Ed Club and completed the 12-part curriculum for how to create a presentation that is compelling, original, and organized. Each student’s presentation was between 5-10 minutes in length and focused on one key idea that the student had for how to make the world a better place. Presentation topics varied from how poetry can improve a person’s life to how we can feed the entire planet. The presentations were polished and each student appeared confident in his or her idea. We are excited for next year’s TED talks. 
Research is very clear that when students know they will be hear, are given a specific focus – how to make the world a better place – and an authentic audience, their work has more strength and impact.  
If you are not familiar with Ted Talks they are a great tool in the classroom and now, because Ms. Newton and her students brought this to our attention, a great way to build develop ideas, build confidence through public speaking, and improve our writing.