Welcome back from your breaks.  We at Concept English hope it was relaxing and restorative despite the weather challenges of the New Year.

The following is included:  Curriculum, Upcoming Program Deadlines, Teacher Feature – Classroom Story

Concept English expects all 6-12th grade teachers to be on, or near, their fourth Unit (of 6) of the year.  Please refer to your curriculum guide overviews ( http://english.conceptschools.org/curriculum-2/) and the units outlined in SIS for additional information.  Questions, concerns, help with modifying, adapting, or tailoring any elements including the PBA may be obtained via email: aflaherty@conceptschools.org.

We have two program event deadlines coming up. 

Our Writing competition closes on February 23rd Our goal this year is to promote collaboration between content areas and departments. 

For further information on the competition follow the link below:


The Reading Book Mark Challenge has been going on for a few months and we have seen and heard about some bookmarks and challenge forms.  Please remember there are two parts to the challenge.  First, a student creates a book mark and second, another student responds to the challenger with his/her form (you may adapt the form below for your grade level/students).  Please submit photos of students holding book mark/challenge forms to aflaherty@conceptschools.org with school name/student name/grade level by March 16th to be entered into the raffle.  If you are active on social media you can also tweet the above adding: @ConceptEnglish and #LeaveYourMark.

Teacher Feature – Classroom Story.  We haven’t had an entry in awhile but check out this wonderful story of using Ted Talks in Speech and Debate.  http://english.conceptschools.org/classroom-stories/