Author Joe Brown who began writing at the age of 70 when his own kids told him he should write down the stories he had told them when they were young, visited HSA McKinley Park on Thursday, November 5th.  Joe shared with our 3rd grade students how imagination is what fueled him to write his most recent book “Come On, Get On.” This story is about a boy who imagines flying on the wings of an eagle alongside readers who are invited to go along as well.

First Joe introduced students to his main character, Majesty.


He was so energetic and animated… the many expressions of Joe!

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Each student received a copy of the book to take home.


“Your kids are smart, attentive and well mannered” said Joe, “and I had a great time if you couldn’t tell.”

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Joe engaged our students in the creation of their own oral story and helped them see the power of the pen and the importance of writing as a skill that must be practiced.  In addition, he used the art work and another book he had published to help students see how words and pictures go together.

He even autographed our books…


Next stop HSA Belmont and Milwaukee Math and Science Academy.