It is also Poetry Month! 

We hope you had an enjoyable Spring break. We know you are busy and most likely in or near the middle of state testing, so we just have a few updates.

Curriculum Updates/Feedback for 2018/2019

We are looking for 5 volunteers one from each region preferably – who are willing to review the ConceptSIS updates that we will incorporate into our master curriculum for next year. These updates will be based on the two charts sent last month (http://english.conceptschools.org/portfolio/march-2018-updates/) for balanced literacy because we believe this is what should be happening in your schools as it relates to curriculum.

We will need your input the week of April 23rd.  If you are interested contact aflaherty@conceptschools.org by Friday, April 6th.

New Vocabulary Resource for 2018/2019

A number of you have asked about the Sadlier Vocabulary resource we are adding this year.  There is a table of contents for each level A-G, as well as prices, attached in the email that contained this update.

Writing Competition

We are in the middle of reading the submissions and will be finalizing the winners list by the end of this month.  In addition, we will be attending the CS Art and Language Competition where they will be exhibiting the student art show on May 12th.  We will select and photograph pieces for inclusion in our Second Annual Student publication at that time.  


A few of you have asked about planning with me for next year (in addition to the work we are doing with Literacy teams).  We would love to help you plan and brainstorm for next year or help you with your final units of the year. Please just sign up via SIS (pick an area data, reading, math, etc.) and you will be scheduled!

National Poetry Month

Poetry is a great way to get students to think and feel differently about a subject.  Maybe this is because of its close affinity to music (i.e. lyric).  Please check out this website for ideas; maybe you want to participate in the poem in your pocket day on April 24th or pick from the list of 30 activities here: https://www.poets.org/national-poetry-month/30-ways-celebrate-national-poetry-month

I just heard this wonderful rendition of the Wordsworth poem I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud:


Hopefully this will tickle the earth just enough to evoke Spring which is just around the corner.