Many of us hoped this year would mark a return to normalcy.  Who knows what that will even mean as we continue to navigate the changed landscape of  education as the result of the virus We pledge to continue vigorously supporting your efforts to master a combined approach to instruction that is both in person and possible virtual.

However, we are very grateful to you, our committed teachers.  No classroom has a chance of success without your dedication to students and your expertise.  Thank you.

This year we will be researching and evolving.  Not only will this website eventually have a new look, our CSAD newsletter will focus on research-based strategies, and our network and schools will be engaged in curriculum reviews and evaluations to inform our choices for the 2022/23 school year.

The number one action you can take is to seek out guidance and support so that you can continue to become skilled teachers and educational leaders.  I am always available via email or cell phone, but you can always sign up for a Dialogue with Director session.


To streamline communication we have provided information to your school administrators that is in line with what we shared with you.  The goal is for transparency in an effort to improve collaboration and communication.

We presented a summary of ideas/information that was presented to you during induction and institutes


We provided a folder for administration that may help them help you as English teachers


Finally, please check out all our new literacy programs.  We would love your involvement.  

Email groups have been set up for each of the new programs.  If you would like to be added to the groups to learn more about the programs, email aflaherty@conceptschools.org.