As the year ends, I want to thank you on behalf of Concept English for all that you do to support our schools and student achievement.  I hope you have a peaceful and happy summer break.

In preparation for next year, here are some of the highlights I am sharing with Principals and Assistant Principals related to the 2017/2018 school year.  If you have any questions about this information, or your own planning, please reach out to me.  Andy Flaherty aflaherty@conceptenglish.org or my cell.

Next year’s changes:

1.      SIS units will be tagged with Focus Standards only (in the Body of the Unit and under the standards.  TEACHERS MUST MODIFY UNITS AND TAG ADDITIONAL STANDARDS)


2.     Middle and High School teachers are asked to implement a version of the Weekly Models.


3.     Teachers use the Grading Policy and tag SIS Grade book with Focus Standards – parents need to have updates at least once a week!  This will be modeled during orientation as well.  Recommendations are:


4.      SIS Units have a new Color Key (see above) – Readings go in order and are tagged with specific standards.  BLUE REQUIRED STRATEGIES ARE INDICATED.
5.     NOVELS MUST BE EMBEDDED INTO A UNIT and must be used to practice standards.  More like independent reading. We do not want stand alone units in Core classes.  One day a week of instruction to support the reading.

6.   Summer Webinars:  For new teachers,  returning teachers, or anyone who wants a better understanding of the Concept English Curriculum.  



7.   Webinars/PD Next Year


​8.   Electives/Non-Core Classes

  • Teachers must submit a Course Syllabus/Curriculum Map to Director of English for review and approval by August 1, 2017

9.   Finally, the Curriculum Maps, Focus Standards Overlays, and PDF of Requirements, Rituals, and Unit 1 (Grades 9-12 will be available at the end of June) are at the following link:


Have a relaxing summer and please, let me know how I can be of service.