As we enter the last month of the year, a few reminders.


Most of us are in Unit 3 of the Collections text – grades 6-12.  As always, we are available to help you plan your lessons.  We can do this via a webinar or you can sign up for a model lesson by going to SIS and scheduling.  However, you approach your lessons, please remember that we believe in balanced literacy (see image) which means we are engaging students in all skills/standards we are responsible to teach.  


In terms of skills and ensuring rigor, consider this chart to ensure you are challenging your students.


We also have released test items in SIS for you to practice the skills you have taught.  We are happy to help you use these (a video was sent in the past) but if you are unclear, we can talk you through the steps.  You may have also received an email saying you were scheduled for a webinar on creating assessments.  This was an accident, but we do offer this webinar. Just send us an email and we can help with either of these options.


I have been thinking of all of you.  Some of you have chatted or emailed me for information.  No worries if you have not, but I wanted you to know that I will be reaching out to each of you, over the next month, to check in and stay connected.  Please remember, it is our goal to help each of you be the best possible teacher you can be.  We thank you for all that you do.

EVENT:  SPOKEN WORD – March 21, 2020

Lost & Found: What’s Hidden In The Words & Music?

Click for the poster and complete guidelines


You Find Your Truth Within 

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A video discuss of the creation of a Found Poem model will be coming in January.