Concept English launched (Spring 2016) a blog space, “Hear Me Blog,” to provide opportunities for our students (6-12) throughout the network to discuss topics about who they are and how they think.  The program has been modified this year to allow for quicker responses and notification of winners. We value 21st Century skills and know that this will encourage our students to speak up and out about ideas that matter to them.  While finding their own voices is essential to their success, participating as a member of our blog community will all them to how to converse in on-going and evolving conversations with others, using technology. The students who write the best posts and comments will be eligible to win prizes. A new category will also be established in the Writing Competition to honor the best blogger.


Blog Challenge #1 *

Starting a new school year can be a challenge, right?  Parents and teachers often worry that students will be okay, learn early how to fit in and make friends, and ultimately how to work well with each other.  The National Education Association (NEA) even goes as far as giving teachers tips, ideas, and strategies to start the new school year.  Check out their link below, and evaluate one of the ideas they have listed including if you need to change anything for older students.  Then write an expository response that explains why you like the idea and provide evidence/reasons for why you think it would be good to try out with students.


For further information about the process or to sign your students up, go to http://english.conceptschools.org/hear-me-blog/, and follow the steps.